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Brian Kemple

Welcome to Dative Media Solutions: which is to say, my personal website. Once, the name was my Houston-based DBA for side-income. But now, I am a recent PhD in Philosophy, earned with the Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, looking for new opportunities. I also have many years of experience as an independent, professional webdesigner. Here, I'm doing a little of both.

about brian kemple

Stunningly handsome? Maybe. Dashingly witty? To some. Significantly less arrogant after a while on the academic job market? You bet. Loud and opinionated? Only on the internet.

I'm someone who is interested in lots of things, and probably somewhat eccentric.

more about me...

philosophical writings

I write a lot. It is something for which I have always had a knack, but it is an art at which I can always get better. That being said, I do not write for writing's sake, but to give structure and clarity to my own thoughts. If others happen to benefit from that, all the better.

As such, you will find two different kinds of writings on my site, both philosophical in nature. One set are those explicitly philosophical, dealing with issues one might encounter in formal higher education settings. The others are cultural commentaries--thoughts on trending issues from a perennial perspective.


Here you will find a statement of my teaching philosophy as well as sample syllabi for various courses, both those I have taught and those I have thought about teaching. In the future, I may put up audio or video of lectures given, as well as other supplies used for teaching.

Also included (or rather, coming soon) are the reading and writing guides that I issue to my students, as well as some sample assignments.



editing, writing, web design, and tutoring

In my travels through academia, I have picked up a few other skills along the way: in writing my own papers, dissertation, journal submissions, and in working in relationship with various academic associations (as well as my own prolific director, John Deely), I have picked up a thing or two about writing and publishing. Grading student papers has also helped. As such, I have a keen sense for all parts of the editing and writing process. I am available for freelance work and open to other professional opportunities.

As this self-built website demonstrates, I can also handle some design tasks.

Additionally, I have considerable experience in private tutoring, primarily with writing, history, literature, and SAT/ACT English preparation.